The Medicaid Asset Protection Trust is subject to a look back period of five (5) years.

This means if you transfer assets into this Trust and require nursing home care after five

years have passed your assets are fully protected.   Even though there is a five year wait,

it pays to get started now since you will get credit for the time you accumulate if you do

not make the full five years.


The 5 year look back period only applies to nursing home care and does not apply to Medicaid

services for home health care.  This means a transfer now will let you qualify for Medicaid

home care services without waiting.


Furthermore there is no look back period between a husband and wife or to a minor (under 21)

or a blind or disabled child or a child that has resided in the home two years and provided care

as to keep the person from becoming institutionalized.



The Medicaid Asset Protection Trust is very flexible.  You have the right to sell your home

and use the money from its sale to buy another home or condominium and continue to

enjoy the protection of the trust.


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